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RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner Operation ® is proven in many clinical studies. The product is dermatologically tested, does not cause irritation and is hypoallergenic.


It works! And it’s fast! Significant changes in the appearance of eyelashes.

Your blue eyes will remain blue!

  • The product can be safely used with contact lenses
  • The product can be safely applied to the eyelashes

The formula contains a thickener, so the product stays where it has been
applying – filtered into the surface of the eye.


In clinical trials, 90% of respondents said that their lashes look better. Over 97% of respondents said improving the appearance of their eyelashes in just 3 weeks use of the product!



Consumers like easy application
There is only one application brush – convenient applicator
94% of respondents appreciated the ease of application
A good alternative for physicians and their patients in the form of cosmetic
Patients can purchase RevitaLash ADVANCED directly from a doctor or medical staff
You do not need a prescription
Doctors avoid the risk of violating the law on the issue and storage of medicines



Due to the popularity of RevitaLash, we have recently learned that some unauthorized websites may be selling adulterated Revitalash or RevitaLash that is not in its original packaging.

For your protection: Authentic RevitaLash is now for sale online only by authorised website vendors who are pre-screened for quality assurance, who receive our seal of approval, and who may call themselves official RevitaLash Authorized Online Resellers. You can purchase authentic RevitaLash at thousands of quality spas and salons around the world, or you can feel secure that you are purchasing authentic Revitalash here(on this website) or from online websites displaying this symbol of quality:

For your health and safety, we recommend you purchase RevitaLash online ONLY from an Official RevitaLash Authorized Online Reseller’s website that displays the official authorization symbol. Websites that do NOT display this symbol are NOT authorized by Athena Cosmetics, Inc. to sell RevitaLash, and the product that they sell may be contaminated, tainted, or of inferior quality.

We are unable to guarantee the safety or authenticity of the RevitaLash products sold on ANY website that does not display the official RevitaLash authentication symbol with the Rotating Revitalash Watermark. In addition, please note that if the safety shrink-wrap seal on your bottle of RevitaLash has been broken or tampered with, or if the batch number contained on a bottle has been removed or altered, we recommend that you immediately return the bottle to the place of purchase.

We are confident that you, like thousands of satisfied RevitaLash customers, will enjoy the benefits of the authentic RevitaLash purchased from an Official RevitaLash authorized Online Reseller. You can trust that RevitaLash has been developed with your safety and satisfaction in mind and that, with authentic RevitaLash, you will truly Discover the Beauty of Your Natural Lashes!™


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